An Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Best Embroidery Scissors

An Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Best Embroidery Scissors

Do you love to work on crafts? You’ll be happy to know there are many scissors you can buy, including embroidery scissors. But which ones are the best for embroidery?

Embroidery scissors are used in various ways, from cutting fabric and thread to trimming threads and yarns. Embroidery scissors are considered an essential embroidery item. These scissors are also known as embroidery shears or embroidery cutters. They come in different sizes and shapes, depending on their use.

When buying embroidery scissors, the most important thing to consider is how well they cut. If you’re looking for something that will last through multiple projects, it’s worth investing in quality embroidery scissors.

Do you want to learn more about the best embroidery scissors out there? We’ve got you covered. This article will explore the top five embroidery scissors and teach you what you need to know before purchasing.

Our Top Picks

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Embroidery Scissors

1. AQUEENLY Embroidery Scissors

The AQUEENLY Embroidery Scissors are perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The scissor’s spine is made of steel, which ensures that the scissor is sharp, durable, anti-rust, sturdy, and lightweight for easy carry.

It has pointed edges with a sharp ceramic blade that enhances the cut behavior, making it feel effortlessly smooth. Meanwhile, the handle has a finger hole that is easy to carry and includes a ribbon-splitting clamp.

Sewists should consider these beautiful embroidery scissors as their ultimate crafting scissors. The 12-inch length gives you the perfect workspace and will cut up to 10 layers of fabric. It has an ergonomic grip and is designed for sewing comfort.

Hand-crafted embroidery scissors are made with attention to detail for sewists and are durable and sharp to make delicate work easier.


  • Comes with two pieces of embroidery scissors
  • Features a gold-plated finish handle


  • Made of good quality stainless steel, making the embroidery scissors sharp
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Anti-rust
  • Sturdy


  • Not as effective when dealing with hard fabric or heavy yarn

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The AQUEENLY Embroidery Scissors are perfect for beginners to do embroidery crafts and can cut thread or yarn accurately.

2. BIHRTC Gold Vintage Plum Blossom Scissors with Classic Crane Design 

BIHRTC Gold Vintage Plum Blossom Scissors and Classic Crane Design Sewing Scissors are made using quality materials. The beautiful scissors come in European plum sleeves and classical crane designs. These professional tools are more durable, sharp, and reliable, which allows seamstresses to complete their work more efficiently.

These scissors are high-quality and come with stainless steel and alloy blades. The blades will resist wear and tear, while the professionals who handle them will find them accurate and pleasant to use.

It provides professional and beginner seamstresses with a classic and easy-to-use sewing tool. The cutlery’s intuitive design and timeless pattern also provide women with style and elegance that compliments many outfits, as well as functionality that supports experience in the art.

These scissors are suitable for cutting sewing cloth and other soft fabrics, including silk, nylon, and wool. The brightly-colored plum blossom scissors are extremely popular among sewists.


  • Comes with two pieces of embroidery scissors
  • Made of pearl materials with alloy processing
  • Includes a delicate handle


  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Anti-rust
  • Sturdy and durable


  • May not be sharp enough

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The BIHRTC Gold Vintage Plum Blossom Scissors and Classic Crane Design Sewing Scissors are perfect for professional chain stitching, garment sewing cuts, and trimming.

3. Gingher 6-Inch Double-Curved Machine Embroidery Scissors

Designed specifically for machine embroidery, these Gingher 6-Inch Double-Curved Embroidery Scissors provide a perfect cut every time. The offset handle design offers stability and excellent dexterity when performing embroidery.

These embroidery scissors are longer with curved blades that can reach around an embroidery hoop or machinery. The narrow curved blades allow for a close cut on intricate handwork, and the offset handle design provides sculpting tools with a good grip for hours of needlework.

These scissors make embroidery hoops or machinery accessible for a close-cut design. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel for a smooth finish, and the offset handle design provides second blade protection to keep from scratching or cutting fingers.

The extended cut and double-curved design reach around embroidery hoops or machinery. Narrow curved blades allow for a relative amount of intricate needlework, while the offset handle design allows you to get closer to the fabric for a more accurate and precise cutting.


  • Includes a 6-inch pair of double curved embroidery scissors
  • Made of a durable double-plated chrome-over-nickel finish
  • Comes with a curved handle


  • Easy to use
  • Very sharp
  • Comfortable


  • Does not cut smoothly

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The Gingher 6-Inch Double-Curved Embroidery Scissors are ideal for finishing, sewing, embroidering, and all needlework.

4. Hisuper Cute 3.6-Inch Embroidery Scissors

The Hisuper Cute Embroidery Sewing Scissors are made of tempered steel, which is resistant to corrosion and maintains a sharp cutting edge. The scissors will always perform well in embroidery and borders, no matter how you sharpen them.

These sewing embroidery scissors are small, delicate, and specially designed for DIY or hand sewing. It’s an indispensable tool that all sewists should consider.

Hisuper offers a large variety of sewing embroidery scissors, and each package includes a durable mat blade with a polka-dot leather cover to protect the scissors from scratches.

Its suitable size and exquisite artistry make these embroidery scissors one of the best choices.


  • Includes one pair of stainless steel scissors
  • Comes with a piece of polka-dot leather scissor cover


  • Easy to use and store
  • Durable
  • Does not rust easily


  • Not sharp enough

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Hisuper provides quality sewing embroidery scissors at a competitive price designed to meet your various sewing needs.

5. BUTUZE Embroidery Scissors Kit

The BUTUZE Embroidery Scissors Kit is made in France using genuine French materials. The kit includes the five sewing tools you need, including scissors, a thimble case, a needle case, a punch, and a threader. There are no limits to your creativity with this robust little equipment in your possession.

The tools are housed in the original carrying case, which is conveniently secured when closed with an easy-to-use clasp. It comfortably sits on its non-slip base for easy storage when not in use.

This vintage needlework kit is made from the highest quality stainless steel, giving you a more enjoyable and long-lasting experience.


  • Includes one piece of stainless steel scissors and an awl
  • Comes with a needle case
  • Includes one needle threader
  • Features one custom metal storage unit


  • Elegant and vintage unique design makes it decorative
  • Sturdy
  • Very sharp, and the rotating hinge opens and closes smoothly


  • Thimble may not match the set

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The BUTUZE Embroidery Scissors Kit is a perfect and reliable sewing kit for any seamstress that wants nothing but the best.

What to Look For When Choosing Embroidery Scissors

When choosing embroidery scissors, there are several things to consider. Some of the features to look out for include:

Weight and Size

First, look for a good balance between weight and size. Heavy, bulky scissors may be too big to handle, while light, thin scissors might be challenging to control.

Shape of the Blades

Next, pay attention to the shape of the blades. If the blades are curved, this means that the handles must be flexible so that you can get a firm grip on them. This flexibility also helps prevent the blades from bending out of shape.


Choose a material that will last a long time. You don’t want to spend money on a new pair of scissors every time you have to sew something. Choose a high-quality metal material that won’t break down over time. Stainless steel is the most popular choice.


Look for a pair of scissors that has a smooth, comfortable grip. A tight or uncomfortable grip could cause hand cramps. Also, make sure that the handles do not bind up when using the scissors.


You should also check the quality of the scissors before buying. Make sure that they are well-made and robust. If they are cheap, you probably shouldn’t buy them.

Blade Length

Make sure that the length of the blades is appropriate for the task at hand. Long blades are better suited for cutting fabric, while shorter ones are better for trimming threads.


Checking the sharpness of the blades is essential because if the blades aren’t sharp enough, they may slip off the fabric easily. Sharp blades cut through fabric quickly without snagging threads, and they also make it easier to trim off excess fabric.


Another vital factor to consider when selecting embroidery scissors is the thickness of the blades. The thicker the blades, the more durable they are. Thicker blades also mean that you can cut through tougher materials without worrying about breaking the blades.

Handle Material

Another factor to keep in mind when deciding on the type of scissors to use is the material used for their handles. Some people prefer wooden handles, while others prefer plastic. Whichever one you choose, make sure it feels sturdy enough to hold onto.


What Is Embroidery?

In simple terms, embroidery is the art of adding decorative stitches to textiles such as clothing, linens, and bedding. Ancient civilizations initially developed it to decorate clothes and other fabrics. Today, embroidery is still widely practiced around the world.

What Tools Are Used in Embroidery?

Embroidery involves many different types of equipment, including needles, thread, fabrics, and embroidery hoops. When stitching, you’ll need to purchase all of these items separately. However, some basic tools are essential to embroidery, such as a hoop, needle, thread, and scissors.

How Can I Clean My Embroidery Scissors?

To clean your embroidery scissors, wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not use soap or water since these products can damage the blades.

How do I Sharpen My Embroidery Scissors?

Sharpen your scissors by holding them against a piece of sandpaper. Use fine-grit sandpaper to start and work your way up to a coarser grit.

How Do I Choose Embroidery Scissors?

When choosing embroidery scissors for your sewing machine, first decide what kind of fabric you plan to stitch. Next, determine whether you need a large pair of scissors or a small pair. Finally, check the blade thickness and length.

How Do I Take Care of My Embroidery Scissors?

If you want to prolong the life of your embroidery scissors and avoid having to replace them often, try to store them properly. Never put them in an area where they might be exposed to extreme heat or cold. Instead, keep them in a cool, dry place.


Embroidery has been around for centuries, but its popularity continues to grow. There are many ways to practice this craft today, from traditional methods like cross-stitch to modern techniques like digital printing. Regardless of the method you choose, embroidery is a fun hobby anyone can enjoy, so long as you choose the best embroidery scissors.

Our favorite pick is the AQUEENLY Embroidery Scissors Set, as it’s perfect for beginners who want to get started on embroidery projects. It comes with two pairs of scissors (one regular size and one smaller), so you can easily switch between sizes depending on the project you’re working on.


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